My name is Betsy and I am the artist and creator of Betsy's Beadworks. I was born and raised in Madison Wisconsin, where I still live. I took up beading long ago when my children were young because it was an art form I could work on whenever I had a few minutes to spare. Now I enjoy sharing my bead work with others! I have a passion for bead weaving but I enjoy stringing as well. I design and create strung and woven bead necklaces, bracelets and earrings using a variety of vintage, glass, metal, ceramic and gem stone beads to create one of a kind creations. I make a wide variety of pieces, from finely woven creations to chunky mixed media pieces. I make everything from dressy and classy, to funky to whimsical. At Betsy's Beadworks you can find wide variety of items that work well for workplace, formal wear and playtime. All of my jewelry is made with excellent craftsmanship for maximal strength and durability. All of my pieces are one of a kind and quite unique.

As an artist, I love the design process; putting together colors and textures, choosing the right weave or balancing the beads in a mixed media piece. I enjoy the natural beauty of the woods and lakes where I live and I use the colors and textures of the natural surroundings as inspiration for my beading. I have always enjoyed nature and exploring the wild areas in the world around us. I am not well traveled, but seem to find much to interest me as I explore shapes, colors, shadows and textures in the visual realm. All of this tends to lead back into my beadwork eventually.